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  • Cutting edge, geometric design with smooth shapes and defined edges — few manufacturers in the world can produce ceramics of this complexity
  • Cleverly designed with a close fit to the wall — waste is gracefully concealed that is hygienic and easy to clean too
  • Specially-designed Duroplast soft-close seat — wraps over for a seamless finish
  • Produced using the latest casting techniques — for a flawless surface
  • Perfect glazing for ultimate quality — even hidden areas! — gives outstanding resistance to moisture, stains, odours and impacts
  • Maße: 540 х 370 mm
  • Material: Sanitärporzellan
  • Farbe: Weiß
  • Wasserbedarf: max. 6 l
  • Wandhängende Montage
  • Tiefspüler
  • Waagerechter Abgang
  • Mit verdeckter Befestigung
  • Befestigungssatz wird mitgeliefert


Garantie 25 Jahre

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Toilet seat and cover with easy-off and soft-closing hinges
Calla C4801H


Design 3

Bjoern Vibrans, Wolfgang Wagner

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