• Integration of geometric and organic elements for a very distinctive yet highly versatile design.
  • Soft, gently rounded contours with gorgeous curves in all the right places - inviting to the touch.
  • Lever’s beautifully sculpted shape prevents limescale deposits from water droplets, also allowing for super-smooth flow and temperature control
  • 35mm diameter SoftMotion ceramic cartridge exclusively developed for AM.PM — gives best flow and compensates for pressure fluctuations as extreme as that of a hammer falling from Big Ben
  • Precision engineered — lever moves further left to right for more accurate temperature control than standard mixers
  • Rigorously tested — at 175,000 operations, outperforms EN Standards twofold
  • Small details, big benefits — aerator is angled for comfort, anti-splash and features Rub&Clean to keep limescale-free
  • Auslauf: 105 mm
  • Einlochmontage
  • Keramikkartusche 35 mm mit AM.PM EcoMOTION
  • Mengen- und Temperaturbegrenzung
  • Verdeckter, schwenkbarer Luftsprudler
  • Flexible Anschlussschläuche G ⅜

Garantie 10 Jahre


GP designpartners

Rudolf Greger, Christoph Pauschitz